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 The work we do around here involves the interplay of arts and science. We play with shapes and colors to get your message across but we ensure that the product of the imagination is reproducible in current lithography.

 Here at DMCBusa Printers, creative and technical processes are intimately linked because we believe that communicating thru the printed form should be both engaging and practical.

 Our printing press has existed for 30 years but our expertise has already been 45 years. Engaging the community, meeting the printing world requires a lot of sacrifices and determination. Practicality is when each and every customer is satisfied, we feel gratified of our hardwork especially to our love of work.

 Please feel free to browse our website. Click on our products and promos. You deserve to get the best quality printed products.

 You may order online our Photobooks, personalized calendars and canvas wraps by clicking our installer for free.

Talk to us by chatting for comment on Facebook link or simply call us and inquiring to our sales staff for anything you need.

Printing is made easy and fun. Welcome to our website.


  • To be the most admired printing press in Cebu.
  • To find the most efficient way in managing people and resources.
  • To be able to create products of good quality, efficiently delivered and competitively priced.
  • To be able to reach out to the community and be able to aid in its development of moral upliftment, environmental changes, spiritual development or well as other corporate social responsibilities.


  • We strive to maintain a high level of integrity in dealing with our business partners and client to become the industry standard in quality product and service excellence.
  • To be able to provide a better working environment for employees in order to foster good working relationships.
  • To be able to produce and provide quality printed products that is at par with the world standards.
  • To be able to manage efficient material resources at the least cost.
  • To be able to give to community what they have upon us by different acts of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The DMC Busa Family