8 DMC Busa Printers has just ventured into the realm of packaging.

This is to compliment the new assignation of Mr. Donato Manuel C. Busa of his new status as Packaging Consultant for the Department of Trade and Industry for the Visayas.

Of course, how could one ever manage to advice when one does not know anything about it? Thus, DMC Busa Printers ventured into packaging and this gives us a whole new area of the market to step into.

There are other kinds of papers for different kinds of purposes. There are packages used to compliment food, there are boxes used to safely carry delicate materials. And there are boxes solely used for storage. Each and every kind of box needs a different kind of paper for its various needs.

There is also the matter of design.

If the food is the artwork and the box is the frame. No matter the brilliance of the food, if the box does not hold together the beauty of what is inside, then it does not matter.

Mr. Don Busa has discovered the importance of packaging in the matter of business. Throughout the course of his career, he has the experience and knowledge that make his ideas unique and allow them to stand out.

We hope to see you soon with regards to your packaging problems.

DMC Busa Printers