DMC Busa Printers is your business partner with the most up to date technology at your disposal. We can provide you with offset printing, print-on-demand, large format, and small scale stickering, Engraving, Online Photobooks, online gifts, corporate gift give aways, Website Creation, digital marketing, direct marketing and paperless system conversion. We also provide your design, communication and modern media masses.


  • We strive to maintain a high level of integrity in dealing with our business partners and client to become the industry standard in quality product and service excellence.
  • To be able to provide a better working environment for employees in order to foster good working relationships.
  • To be able to produce and provide quality printed products that is at par with the world standards.
  • To be able to manage efficient material resources at the least cost.
  • To be able to give to community what they have upon us by different acts of Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • To be the most admired printing press in Cebu.
  • To find the most efficient way in managing people and resources.
  • To be able to create products of good quality, efficiently delivered and competitively priced.
  • To be able to reach out to the community and be able to aid in its development of moral upliftment, environmental changes, spiritual development or well as other corporate social responsibilities.