Using Direct printing one of our services is acrylic printing. Consequently, majority of our order is the printing of acrylic . Acrylic printing can even create house models, miniature models, key chains, awards, door or wall notices. Many of our clients order corporate giveaways printed on direct printing like ballpens  & customized items like, swiss knives, USB, etc. Acrylic printing as direct print is better than stickering on surface.

DMC Busa Printers also accepts acrylic printing or cutting here in our office in Cebu. These acrylics are used as signage and plaques. Acrylic printed in plaques are created and printed by Artists. Printing of Acrylic requires good artwork then cut-outed using our laser. Cutting and printing of acrylic is also required for signage like glowing acrylic signage. For glowing acrylic printing it is beautiful to embed it not only in acrylic but also in glass signages.