Ricoh Pro-Heidelberg

The new Ricoh Pro Digital printer. This New Machine can print white ink on black paper. The most advance printer that has high definition tones on white ink no other printer an emulate. The technology [...]

Head Stones

Creepy, isn’t it? But though the idea is a bit…novel, headstones are serious business. Most of the people who come to us for the engraving of those headstones are those who cannot find any person [...]


There seems to be a sudden boon on Weddings for this season. The one thing that we can always remember from a wedding, aside from the theme of the wedding, the brides dress and the [...]

Parkmall – what about it?

Since the start of the business, DMC Busa Printers has never touched Shopping Malls. Which is usually for a good reason. Once you open a branch inside a mall, the branch is subject to the [...]

A new venture

DMC Busa Printers has just ventured into the realm of packaging. This is to compliment the new assignation of Mr. Donato Manuel C. Busa of his new status as Packaging Consultant for the Department of [...]