PENTAX joins DMC Busa Printers

Ricoh Phils recently gifted DMC Busa Printers a beautiful PENTAX Q-S1. Pentax the company known for its superior quality picture shots for many decades gave the printers for its growing demand of designs and photos. [...]

Commencement Programmes

Graduation days are here. Its a day where it formalizes the years of school days. Celebrating the finish line - Graduation. Our programmes printed in on demand printing where customers ordered small volume orders. DMC [...]


Schools have yearbooks. The last two years yearbook printing declined because of the k-12 program. High School students were elevated to senior high for two years. That created a hiatus of waiting of juniors and [...]

DMC Busa Printers V. Rama Branch

We were deluged with orders from our customers specially in our V. Rama branch. The clients from nearby schools found the V. Rama branch convenient as it is very accessible. DMC Busa Printers has specifically [...]

Magnetic Name Plate

New Ideas of ID system for employees. Our company makes magnetic nameplates of the highest quality. It is made of Veneer pasted on acrylic. Using magnets to hold the nameplates in place on Uniform

OCE-Canon now with DMC Busa Printers

DMC Busa Printers announces the acquisition of OCE Varioprint 6150 and OCE Varioprint 110. The combination of the two powerful black and white printing Digital presses have increased efficiency for the publishing market of the [...]