Our Business cards are the cheapest in Cebu. Price changes if the medium used are specialty papers. Business cards are usually ordered rush, and most of our clients are happy we can meet their deadline in 24 hours. Some cards require, gold stamps, blind embossing and even side gold painting. The orders come by 100’s (1 box) We give 20% discount to volume orders like 10×100’s.

Calling Cards or Business Cards as it is sometimes called, comes in international size of 2″ x 3.5″. A must for every businessman and entrepreneur, Calling Cards in the 70’s is in black and white. The cards offered here In DMC Busa Printers is Colored and Black & white. It can be a matt paper or glossy paper. Some of the added feature for the Business cards are gold stamp, blind embossing, emobossed fonts and logo otherwise called raised fonts and corner rounded. DMC Busa Printers Cebu Business cards could also have textured pa per as well as rubberized and gummy calling cards.

Most printing presses that offer this service,and DMC Busa Printers feature this as one of the more prominent ones that print calling cards. With ourspeedyand reliable services, we are one of the more memorable printing presses that print cards.

The customer who seeks our services can find our contact list in their regularly updated website, or in the newly refurbished branch in the second floor of Parkmall, Cebu. All updates and services that we offer are posted there, as well as all inquiries seen to. Our Parkmall branch also printing business cards while you wait for a small additional amount.

Soft copies are more happily accepted as it would make the flow of the job faster. After the file is received, the customer will be assigned to a specific artist. The artist assigned will be the one to update the customer of the status of his business card. Simple cards generally take only one week or less. The time of completion varies on the quantity ordered. However, the print while you wait may be given a priority card in the Parkmall branch.

Business cards are ordered by the boxes. Each box contains one hundred pieces. The standard minimum order is a thousand for a customer to avail the best offer. However, many of our clients prefer 100 to 200 since that will be their consumption for a year.Though there are standard sizes, the business cards themselves are not boring, or ordinary. One of the more extraordinary cards that we ever had made was a business card made of extremely thin wood and laser engraved with the customer’s name and all other pertinent information. This card is made of bark of a tree, is outstanding. It gives off an extreme Oh!factor. Other calling cards are printed on both sides and the back side is decorated with the customer’s company details. We also have a card called “untearable card” It is a synthetic plastic and intended to last a lifetime. Lastly, we have a card made of Metal. It is etched by laser and comes in gold or silver.

No matter how different, or exotic, we would do our best to honor our commitments of quality and delivery time.

Some customers will have certain deadlines that they require to be met. We would do our best to meet those deadlines as best as we could, as long as they are reasonable parameters. We always give our best in every product we deliver, and business cards printing are no exception. With the advent of the digital presses and engraving; everything changed for the industry time was reduced to half of the usual speed but four times the quality standard.

For small scale business cards, and these can be lesser than 2 boxes, or could just be one box, the branch office in Parkmall, Cebu specializes in these. The branch office was created to deal with small quantity orders that have the high chance of being overlooked in a large scale operation in the main office. The branch office deals with rush jobs and jobs that would have to be finished in less than a day. Any delays will be so as not to compromise the quality of the business cards.

After a certain amount of time, we will call the customer and ask for their feedback. We would like to hear from you so that we can improve our methods and we can serve you better.