Our company has digital offset, a totally different from the regular offset. There are claimants to Digital Offset but since they are using powder toners, they cannot match with the speed of the production of the regular offset. The time tested regular offset usually has 4 towers (each tower has sets of rollers where they put the aluminum plates) each for cyan, magenta, yellow & black. The powder toners have the temperature issue; that it has to be set at high temperature in order for the colors to stick.

This new technology only DMC Busa Printers has. It is a hybrid machine that has the accuracy and productivity equal to an offset but a cold process of operation of a Digital machine. We compared the digital offset from the digital powder toner. The result it takes 10 hours for the digital powder to finish what the digital offset can finish in 2 hours, on the other hand, the quality of digital offset printing can emulate regular offset while the digital powder par.