Cebu has already been  in digital printing for a long while. However, the real “production” quality presses has not been introduced until last year. This was the year that DMC Busa Printers invented heavily for the digital market in Philippines.

We have the only digital printer of its kind in Cebu “The Indigo HP”. It has the speed and quality to emulate offset digital printing in Cebu Philippines. The Indigo Digital is Ink jet technology and can print faster than any toner based digital printer. Several years ago our company relied an offset digital printing, but recently, most of our clients want it faster and on demand .We switched to Indigo Digital as it is reliable and can get the job done for small orders at a faster rate. Our promised date in terms of turnaround for Job Orders decreased from a pronounced date of 15 days to only 3 days.  Please feel free to contact us, if you have any query about digital printing in Philippines.