DMC Busa Printers has two kinds of services including School and Corporate ID Cards with regards to Identification Cards, otherwise known as ID cards.

For Corporate ID’s, there are regular kinds that have barcodes for scanning. This is now becoming more and more common. The more popular one though, is RFID. Radio Frequency Identification is something that is replacing barcodes. The problem with barcodes is that they are hard to scan once they have been sufficiently abraded on a surface enough times. RFID emits a frequency that allows scanners to pick the signal up and register it within a few feet, or sometimes as far as twenty feet.

RFID saves the holders of the ID cards the hassle of manually touching their ID’s to the entry slot.

For School ID’s, there are the normal ID’s that do not have special features, just student identification and their pertinent information in case of emergencies. There are also RFID for students that broadcast a weaker signal or a stronger one, depending on the requirement of the school.

Tracking is made possible with this School and Corporate ID Cards technology, opening up possibilities.

GPS is a technology that is still in-coming.