24 There seems to be a sudden boon on Weddings for this season.

The one thing that we can always remember from a wedding, aside from the theme of the wedding, the brides dress and the food served, is the invitation.

Oh, the garter and the bouquet is nice to bring home, but eventually, those two fade away. The bouquet will wilt and the garter will crumble.

What else can you bring home from a wedding that’s easy to keep?

A wedding invitation.

Give-away’s are nice but unless they are extraordinary pieces, they are clutter. Initially, they will be placed on top of the television or by the sofa tables. And then, when the dust they accumulate gets too much and the thing itself gets destroyed by the dust, it’s thrown away.

Wedding Invitation’s are easier to keep and less clutter. They state the salient facts of what went down that day and, if they are beautiful and extraordinary, something to display in a clearbook.

Designing Wedding Invitations used to be something conservative. There might be some bits of gold leaf thrown in there, as well as some parts cut off to imitate a heart or a ring. However, with the arrival of Laser Engraving, conservative has gone out of the window. Elaborate designs are lasered on paper, special paper used to magnify designs and generally making everything beautiful and elegant.

Laser Engraving takes things to new heights. Designs which had previously been discarded due to its difficulty or impossibility, can now be done and done with ease.

There’s really no limit to this, now that Laser Engraving has been brought into play. It’s all up to your imagination.