Headstones, otherwise known as Lapida in the Philippines, is also true for Tagalog-speaking people in Manila. It is the markers for tombs. Modern day tombs requires computerized designs because there are certain fonts and characters that needs to be done by laser.

Not that a human hand is incapable of tracing out delicate flowers or fantastic fonts or Chinese characters but a certain finesse is required to deal with it, if some measure of cleanliness is to be achieved.

DMC Busa Printers is one of the few companies that has a laser engraver, and the only one in Cebu that has one from Germany. The control and precision is a cut above the rest and this enables us to control the outcome of the product.

Most of those that come to us are Japanese, Korean or Chinese descent, the special characters taking a special difficulty and delicacy that is hard to achieve manually. Black marble etched with laser and painted with gold is one of the most beautiful Lapida’s I have ever seen, and that’s saying something.