Large format ads can be found decorating the tops of buildings, announcing the name of the company and likely advertising them with colorful, properly scaled pictures.

What few people would know is that large format printing are more than that. The aforementioned example is called a signage. There other examples involve Vinyl stickers, leatherette bags , tarps and folders.

Vinyl stickers as an example has plenty of varied applications. One such application is for Office design. The sticker is realistic enough that a printed bookcase sticker fools clients. Cars too can be wrapped up in vinyl stickers. They are the outdoor stickers and is largely unaffected by water.

Bags might not be what you imagine when you think of large format ads, but leatherette bags are ideal places to put in ads. They are everywhere, carried by anyone and seen by all.

Tarpaulin – otherwise known as tarps, are one of the most famous large format ads. They have a lot of purposes and is also waterproof. One of the main problems encountered by anyone ordering tarps, is that the ink washes off after a year. Our machine is an outdoor machine that produces high quality tarps that wear off after a couple of years.

We deliver, install and design ads to your specifications. Different kinds of large format printing to cater to your specific needs.

Ready made designs can speed up the process and thus are better preferred.