DMC Busa Printers prints the yearly calendars for many companies, for the last 30 years, as corporate giveaways. The most wanted, the commercial calendars, it is a two color calendar in 12 or 6 pages, basic sizes of 11×17 and 17×22, made of extra white bookpaper #40. Advertising space is 6″x10″ and may be ordered in one color or multi colors. Small volume orders are also accepted using the digital printer. Other calendars are the board and skirt 26×17, Tent Calendars, Calendars, personalized picture calendars and etc.

Calendar Printing with high and low tides is common in Cebu. In fact Cebu Calendars always have high and low tides as requisite. DMC Busa Printers has produced that same calendar for the past 3 decades. Calendars with tides first appeared in the 70’s with printed board instead of bookpaper was the fashion.

There was also a fad of calendars in Cebu for the Hongkong calendars, where glossy pictures of Hongkong skyline dominates. The most wanted Cebu Calendars are these printed in bookpaper with tides. There Cebu Calendars sizes from wall calendar 22×34(in); midsize calendars 17×22(in), 11×17(in) in various variants of 12 sheets per set of 6 per sheet.