Packaging can be made in two printing; Offset & Digital offset. When ordering volume, it should be offset printing orders more than 2000 can be lower cost per piece than when ordering small quantities. On the other hand there are same clients who opt small specialized but expensive items need to have it printed on Digital Offset.

The advantage of Digital Offset is it can convert to variable printing. Wherein several designs per item can be customized. Offset printing is for mass production of items. Same of our clients order as much as 100,000 pcs. and cost are very low but the advantage for us is that it orders repeatedly.

  • Folding boxes are common in offset packagings. Together with labels, stickers, and rigid boxes.
  • Gift items like perfume and small toys are closely different as an item.
  • Cake boxes requires food crade materials and must be sturdy. But not sacrificing the colors.