20150112 AlgroDesignaward packaging1

Creative Packaging ideas are necessary to attract customers and it must stand out from a sea of products that are found in shelves.

Packaging uniquely is as important as the product itself. If it is not outstanding, the attraction may not be as effective as those who have created wonderfully product packaging. Same of our clients remake a 360 degree turn around in their designs of products in order to sustain product development.

A product is like a different persona, it must be packaged distinctly and uniquely. Form, size, colors are some of the must-managed items in packaging. Some uniquely formed product attracts more people. Color for example must fit to each product. Metals or metallic products should not put away red or orange colors as that denotes “rust”. Size is critical as it creates figures or smallness on the item if not properly presented.

Creative packaging is personalizing the product boxes on how it would look like to the end user.