Products require impressive designs to market your product. Our packaging materials have a lot of choices from folding boxes to labels, tags and stickers and corrugated cartons.

Often, beautiful products are wrapped in substandard materials, and even if people try to live by the adage of “Do not judge a book by its cover”, it is difficult to apply it. Products with packages that attract attention sell better. This is a fact. It also has a longer shelf-life.

Goods that are meant to be sealed should be packaged with air-tight, sealable materials. Products that have a long life and non-perishable should have sturdy packaging to withstand the long shelving. Above all, they must be aesthetically pleasing.

To look for a beautiful, durable and affordable packaging seems to take Herculean effort. There aren’t many printing presses or any manufacturing business actually, that specializes in packaging, or could do any sort of packaging, never mind specialty.

DMC Busa Printers, thankfully, broadened the scope of their market and included packaging materials, managing to make them affordable and best of all, available online. We make a concentrated effort to ensure our customers receive the best packaging materials. We deliver what is asked and make sure the customer is involved in the creation process.

One thing we’ve always noted with people inquiring about packaging materials is that they all seem to think this means corrugated boxes. Okay, we can concur with that. Most packaging materials are all about boxes and labels. Food grade paper assures us that food can be immediately placed in them (e.g. fast foods like Jollibee and McDonalds). Boxes with special divisions to make the goods more stable in transit.

But there are things like labels, otherwise known as tags. Usually printed on coated paper, labels is another measure of packaging. It may not fit your idea of it, but it really does. Packaging, is after all, branding. It’s sticking a name to things and making everyone know it’s yours.

Most of our customers start their labels, tags and boxes with us and the creation process of it is simple. The customer chooses a design and our artists do their best to meet demands. The creation, the sample, is then set aside for the customer’s perusal and subsequent approval. The rest is a simple matter of issuing a purchase order.

A lot of our customers re-order online after the first time. We keep the files of the client and everything is faster the second time around, especially if the volume is consistent.

Online packaging is a work in process. Affordable packaging is already here. Beautiful packaging is always our goal.