Since the start of the business, DMC Busa Printers has never touched Shopping Malls.

Which is usually for a good reason. Once you open a branch inside a mall, the branch is subject to the rules and regulations of the management. If one thinks about it, mall hours will include Sundays. Being a family oriented business, it gave us pause first.

But once we started, we did not regret it.

Parkmall opened to us an avenue of possibilities of service, and for the first time, the Printing Industry became a Retail Service.

Customers would enter the store for one customized mug and would get it after an hour. There is no minimum amount of orders, or a maximum amount of orders. That is the essence of Parkmall.

There is also the ease of access, since our main office is hard to reach on difficult days of traffic and Parkmall is getting to be easier to get to, what with the numerous roads it seems to be connected to.

So, what’s Parkmall all about? Parkmall is a Retail Printing Press, one of the few of its kind.

We look forward to seeing you in Parkmall.