Cebu City holds many companies that print posters and DMC Busa Printers is one of the more distinguished of Cebu’s Printers. We offer reasonable prices for high quality poster printing in Cebu. They have speed that does not compromise the quality of the posters.

There are different kinds of posters that we can do. With the variety of posters, such as: propaganda and political posters for elections, movie, travel, event, boxing, concert, band music, affirmation and educational posters for lectures. However, many different kinds of posters there are, the following sizes are consistent, namely: A1, A2 and A3. Other variety sizes are available but these three are popular.

Depending on the quantity, we have a prompt and speedy delivery. Some customers give a specific deadline and as long as it is a reasonable time, we always keep the promised delivery date. If the customer wishes to pick it up himself, it easy enough to contact us for directions and we are also available in google maps. In many cases, we seldom meet our clients. They email us their soft copy, pay through western union and we deliver it to them. Reorders are quick and fast. Since we have the file things can be done in less than a week.

For rush and small quantity posters printing, we have a branch office in the second floor of Parkmall, Cebu. It is an office that specializes in jobs that are very few and so a customer printing just one or two will be very welcome. The branch office is open in all days of the week, even Sundays, and it operates at mall hours. Pick-up and delivery there is also better since it is more accessible and easier to locate. The Parkmall branch may be good for A3 sizes only. The bigger ones like A2 and A1 are loaded in offset machines at the main office in Tipolo. We have a design center with talented artists who can attend to your needs.

After the printing and delivery of the poster, we will always call back and ask for the customers feedback on the services of the company. It is a great way to improve the services of our company and so that we can serve you better.