When you talk about printing services in Cebu, DMC Busa Printers has become the number one provider to that service need. With speedy, reliable services, the printing services of we deserve the title. Whether it is short run or how long it will take, we guarantees a quality finished product. We also quote reasonable pricing with regards to our products. We will always honor our commitment.

The customer who seeks our printing services can find us at the regularly updated website or in our branch office in Parkmall, Cebu. There, the customer can find all the services that we provide and the contact numbers that are posted there. We answer all inquiries with regards to our services. If the customer finds the location of the main office too difficult, the branch office is always available for receiving orders and delivery is always an option.

We have numerous layout artists and each of them is assigned a job. If the customer has a need for editing, we provide a layout artist that will work specifically on the customer’s job. If the customer needs an update with regards to their job, the customer needs only to talk to the artist. We provide a free interaction with the layout artist and the customer without the need of a medium. This allows a quality job and gives the artist a better environment to work in.

Once the job has left the layout artist, there is a secretary that will receive all further inquiries with regards to updates. If the answer is delayed, never worry because we will always call the customer back. If the customer has a specific deadline, we will do our best to meet the demand, so long as it is in a reasonable scope. We will do our best to give the customer the reassurance that their job is in good hands.

When a customer is in a hurry, they can always find us in the second floor of Parkmall, Cebu. The branch officespecializes in rush orders and small orders, or the print-on-demand. We do our best to cater to the needs of the public and the branch office accepts the small orders that the main office may overlook due to its small quantity. The branch office offers speed and any delay that happens may be so that the quality is not compromised. The branch office of DMC Busa Printers in Parkmall operates at mall hours and is open at all days of the week, even on Sundays.

We keep our promise on delivery time. Customers may request to have their finished products delivered to them. Freight charge occurs once the customer is out of town or far out of our range. Never worry because distance is never an issue with us. The customer will always be prioritized.