Product Description

Packaging boxes in offset printing or Digital printing SME’s need packaging especially for food products, such as cookies, shrimps, cakes, cupcakes, ensaymada, and etc. non-food products packaging like charcoal, perfumery, giveaway items and etc. Usually, volume printing is in offset, however, small volume requires digital printing. These specialized boxes and labels can be printed on demand. It may have individual names and address on the boxes.

Printing of Boxes requires careful planning & design. The printed box is the first step in selling a product. Once a person buys a product the printed boxes makes the first sale. If the printed box is not beautifully designed, as to its, color artwork cutwork on boxes, the sale is lost. In Cebu DMC Busa Printers has mastered the printing of printed boxes for the last 35 years, each printed boxes are thought of to fit the desire of the manufacturer. whether it be consumer promotional items or, industrial products DMC Busa Printers based in Cebu can handle any printing of boxes.

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