The new Ricoh Pro Digital printer. This New Machine can print white ink on black paper. The most advance printer that has high definition tones on white ink no other printer an emulate. The technology is aided by Heidelberg the leading offset printing machine maker in the world. The support of the best offset maker, softwares and fine pints are defined to tones not found from other digital printer.

The machine an also print Neon colors: pink & yellow a wonderful color combination that can add life to your cards. Do you need a classy look for your form? The machine can also do a wonderful glossy touch on your products. Hi gloss inks can high light beautifully on superb color outputs

Finally, the CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK) print of the new machine can deliver outstanding color delivery we have tested all our print jobs and the result was Excellent.

We have checked the prints of the machine and our quality group found it is Outstanding.