Many Schools document their school/events through school newspapers & publications. It gives them the avenue to expose their literary skills and give students the needed experience. Newspapers for schools are becoming a requirement specially theirs will enhance the creative literature of the student body. Companies have their newsletters in colors or black and white to provide information to its staff and employees and develop belongingness and ownership to the company. Books are also published either in small quantities or in volumes. We cater to both school newspapers & publications.

Although newsprint is the favorite paper, bookpaper is trending. Usually a few copies of 20 pieces are printed in coated material. A newspaper starts with 4 pages up to 36 pages. Newsletters are for smaller versions on Newspaper requirements. It comes in 8.5″x 11″ or 9″x 12″, with the same paper component. Some of our clients order textbooks but others orders on demand small orders that can be printed on our digital offset. During fiestas, souvenir programs are a must for raising funds through advertising. We usually recommend more advertising pages in order to increase the viability of fund raising for the fiesta. As students part, they need the souvenir pictures through the annuals.