Wood Etching

Laser Cut Wood Etching

DMC Busa Printers is also in the arts and crafts making using the cutting edge Technology of computerized Laser cutter. Our machine is from Germany with computer aided layout and design. Laser cuts on wood acrylic rubber and paper. It can etch on glass, aluminum and brass. For the last 5 years we have made the creation of acrylic products like signage’s, plaques, house models and special order of acrylic based item.

DMC Busa Printers is not only limited in printing services. We have the only Laser Engraver in Cebu that is Made in Germany. Laser has the versatility to etch even the hardest granite and sensitive glass. Laser engraving requires various degree of power input to achieve a consistent cut and etch. Laser cutting and Laser engraving on acrylic comes with fine finesse. DMC Busa Printers Laser cutting can cut and etch rubber, wood, paper and cloth. The end product of Laser engraving and cutting is to achieve an engraved product through a multi level strata of etching. Wherever you are in Cebu, This laser engraver of DMC Busa Printers is ready to serve your engraving needs.


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Banners, Posters, Cards, Brochures, Invites, Tickets, Magazines, Customize Calendar and Canvas Wraps.


Engraving, Fastbooks, Publications, Brochures, Commercial Calendars, Packaging and Business Forms.


Corporate Giveaways, Signages, Sticherings, Banners and Large Billboards.


Printing on customized boxes for consumer promotional items or industrial products.


One of the missionary product of the printing press are commercial forms like receipts, invoices, delivery receipts, and all forms that requires government control and approval.


This is the newest addition to the brand. We especially cater to laser lapida, Acrylic awards and many Laser engraving and cutting. As we embark for the new millineals.