About DMC Busa Printers

Our company accepts contracts especially for large format settings, to distribute within Visayas & Mindanao.

DMC Busa Printers provide high quality printing services in Cebu at best price.

The Company opened up in 1983 with 3 employees and only one office and no staff. Today it has more than 35 workers and is located in 4 locations, two (2) in Mandaue city and two (2) in Cebu City.

Our company accepts contracts especially for large format settings, to distribute within Visayas & Mindanao.

We also have a presence in the online ordering system at dmcbusaprinters.com/shop. Here you can upload your own design and will be delivered to you right at your doorstep.

DMC Busa Printers believes that our greatest achievement was making our printing a full line printing; realizing our commitment to serve the many. Printing in the 80’s when we started; was only Social & commercial services. That is commercial forms and social cards like wedding invites and call cards.

Today our market has grown by leap and bounds. It is serving the large format sector like tarpaulin, stickers, signages, pop-ups, standees etc. Many of our clients reaches as far as the whole Visayas and Mindanao.

Social printing has devolved into on-demand printing where many people like to order small quantity orders at the quickest time to finish.

Publishing are of variety of services such as Newspaper, Newsletter, Tablois, Books, Notebooks, etc. Many of our clients pre-design their materials and these are ready to plate/print.

Packaging is a growing product. We have folding boxes that is care to DMC Busa Printers. Our main product or output for the offset press is folding boxes. Orders ranges from 1,000 pcs. to 10,000 pcs. with or without varnish, two colors to 4 color printing.

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Banners, Posters, Cards, Brochures, Invites, Tickets, Magazines, Customize Calendar and Canvas Wraps.


Engraving, Fastbooks, Publications, Brochures, Commercial Calendars, Packaging and Business Forms.


Corporate Giveaways, Signages, Sticherings, Banners and Large Billboards.


Printing on customized boxes for consumer promotional items or industrial products.


One of the missionary product of the printing press are commercial forms like receipts, invoices, delivery receipts, and all forms that requires government control and approval.


This is the newest addition to the brand. We especially cater to laser lapida, Acrylic awards and many Laser engraving and cutting. As we embark for the new millineals.