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Brochures & Leaflets

High Quality Print Brochures & Leaflets

In the matter of brochure printing, DMC Busa Printers leads the market in providing the services for it. With our machines that have been adapted to specific jobs, particularly brochures, brochure printing is a fast and reliable service that we are happy to provide. No matter how few or how many, we promise consistent and high-quality brochures. We give reasonable pricing and always honors their contracts.

We can help you in laying out your brochure. All we need is your concept and idea. And the logos and pictorials will come easy. Some of our clients are given a time to consolidate their ideas, and the artist a chance to develop it for a few day. The final brochures will then be reviewed by both the artist and the client. We always give out the best synthesis and presentation of the company’s products and services in their brochure printing.

The customer who seeks our brochure printing services can find us at the regularly updated website or in their branch office in Parkmall, Cebu. The customer can find all the contact numbers that are posted there and can post all their inquiries there as well. We answer all inquiries with regards to their services, not just brochure printing. If the customer finds the location of the main office too difficult, the branch office is always available for receiving orders and delivery is always an option.


The customer is always updated about his brochure. We have a long standing reputation of reliability. If the customers questions could not be answered immediately, we will always call back to answer. If there is a specific deadline demanded by the customer, we will always do our best to meet the deadline.

Small quantity brochures may be ordered in the branch office, located in the second floor of Parkmall, Cebu. The branch office accepts the rush jobs and the small quantity jobs. Brochures are no different. Any customer that wishes for speedy work will find satisfaction in the branch office. The branch office specializes in speedy work without compromising the quality of the brochure.

If the quantity is great and the demand is immediate, we will deliver in small, constant quantities as the customer specifies until the quantity ordered expires. Some customers ask for such small deliveries for the convenience of no storage. We will always consider the needs of the customer. After delivery, the customer will be called after a certain time period, asking for their input and their appraisal on our services.

Cebu is home to Entrepreneurs in the whole country, and Brochures are in big demand. Since Cebu is a convention city, many companies want quality brochures at the least cost. Whether you order small volume or big volumes printing brochures can never be problem. We have digital printing offset printing with qualities that are the same. DMC Busa Printers can serve your rush at the highest quality. Prompt service and delivery.

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Banners, Posters, Cards, Brochures, Invites, Tickets, Magazines, Customize Calendar and Canvas Wraps.


Engraving, Fastbooks, Publications, Brochures, Commercial Calendars, Packaging and Business Forms.


Corporate Giveaways, Signages, Sticherings, Banners and Large Billboards.


Printing on customized boxes for consumer promotional items or industrial products.


One of the missionary product of the printing press are commercial forms like receipts, invoices, delivery receipts, and all forms that requires government control and approval.


This is the newest addition to the brand. We especially cater to laser lapida, Acrylic awards and many Laser engraving and cutting. As we embark for the new millineals.